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Do you have quick and easy questions related to taxes?  If so, please review my frequently asked questions that most accounting and tax practitioners answer quite often.

How much will it cost me to have my taxes prepared by a professional?
At RJL Tax and Accounting, LLC. my goal is to keep these fees at a minimal.  The average tax return that I prepare typically costs my client anywhere between $140 and $180 dollars.  This includes electronic filing.  For more complex returns, the fee would increase based on additional forms needed.  My fee structure is based on a set fee per form.  If you compare my fees to the national franchises, their average tax preparation fee is about $189 dollars for a Federal 1040, Schedule A and a State return. 
How can I lower my taxes?
This seams to be on everyone's minds every year.  I've included a link ( http://taxes.about.com/od/taxplanning/a/taxplanning.htm ) to an article that describes in more detail how to lower your taxes.  The article lists three ways for you to lower your taxes.  They are:

1.  Lower your Adjusted Gross Income
2.  Increase your Tax Deductions
3.  Take advantage of Tax Credits

By looking at each one if the items above, there are opportunities for you to lower your taxes.  Please read the article for more information. 

Important website links:
Internal Revenue Service
Minnesota Board of Accountancy
Yahoo Finance
Links to All States Websites

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